Our Mission

Providing an in-depth encounter with the best the Pacific has to offer. Pacific Nature Tours ensures every guest has an amazing experience and leaves with a newfound respect for the ocean and her wildlife.

One of the most important aspects of all every nature tour we offer is the education that is provided to our passengers. Our naturalists have over 20 years of experience with the whales and other pelagic life. You will receive expert analysis of the interesting behaviors and activities of all wildlife we observe on our journey, including whales, dolphins, birds, and so much more. We hope this gives you greater insight and a deeper appreciation for this unique San Diego marine adventure.

Our Sister Company

SAN DIEGO WHALE WATCH is our sister company that departs out of Seaforth Landing on one of the original whale watching boats from the East Coast. Are you looking for a slightly shorter nature tour, specifically designed to go where the whales are? This is the company for you. Check out our website to view trip availability and details about our 3 hour Whale Watching Tours!!

Our Boat

THE ECLIPSE is an ideal boat for whale watching excursions. Our captains and naturalist will provide you with a safe, comfortable and educational journey. We commonly see marine mammals including pinnipeds, dolphins, and whales. Please contact us today to schedule your first class journey.